Our Vision

Teaching Trust will serve as a model of the values and competencies we seek to impart to our educational leaders. We envision a community of leaders who have the values and skills to transform schools in order to eliminate the opportunity gap and ensure all children have an extraordinary education.

Our Purpose

We exist to fuel great schools.  

We believe this requires the development of strategic, visionary leadership at multiple levels within schools and school systems to engage and lead accountable, collaborative teams.

These teams in turn ensure schools have high quality teaching and learning and aspirational cultures, which is necessary to provide an education that eliminates the opportunity gap for low-income students and students of color.

Core Values

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What We Believe

Transformation Takes Trust.

People who care about students have more in common than is often acknowledged - whether they are in traditional districts or charter schools, are veteran educators or new to the profession. Transformation requires all of us working together for the benefit of schools.

It Takes a Team.

A strong school leader is the most critical lever to improve schools. However, a singular leader cannot do it alone. It takes a robust team, trained to work accountably together, to achieve significant outcomes.

Academics and Culture Drive Progress.

To deliver long-term results for all students, school leadership teams must set a high bar for significant improvement and build a sustainable culture. Focusing on one or the other is simply not enough.

Values and Skills Matter.

School leaders need training in hard skills for instruction, planning, and managing performance in addition to soft skills for relationship building and teamwork.

Practice OVER Theory.

For training to "stick," leaders need opportunities to practice and receive feedback as often as possible in their schools. Making practice public is the first step in building competence and allows leaders to model vulnerability and persistence in order to improve their practice.