The Teaching Trust Leadership Teams Program prepares principals and their teams to realize their vision of an aspirational school culture and create a robust plan for campus improvement. 


Leadership Teams is a selective, one-year program for school leadership teams that want to drive and sustain significant improvement in school culture and instruction in order to increase student performance. Leadership teams work with a Teaching Trust Leadership Development Coach to strengthen their effectiveness, establish common goals, and create systems critical to dramatically increase student achievement. At each session, teams plan and implement action-learning projects related to campus priorities. Leadership teams receive competency-based coaching in between sessions to support implementation efforts. At the end of Year 1, qualifying Leadership Teams have the opportunity to opt into a second year of the program for ongoing coaching, feedback, and support.


  • Set, monitor, and achieve goals in instruction, data practices, and team effectiveness to dramatically improve student performance

  • Receive ongoing coaching & feedback from a Teaching Trust coach tailored to the unique needs of your team

  • Build leadership capacity as a team to sustain growth and drive student achievement on your campus

  • Create and receive feedback on a Campus Plan for Change rooted in the needs of your school

  • Join a network of influential individuals across North Texas who are focused on leading transformational change for students


  • Believe that all students can learn

  • Believe in and are eager to build stronger distributed leadership on their campuses

  • Desire to participate in rigorous, ongoing training, coaching, and development

  • Are eager to receive constructive feedback from their team members and Teaching Trust coaches

  • Have the courage to lead dramatic change on their campuses

  • Have strong self-discipline and self-motivation

  • Will be engaged in the program and will work hard to meet its requirements to drive academic and cultural improvement on their campuses


We work directly with district leadership to select campuses who meet the conditions to join our Leadership Teams program. If you are interested in pursuing this program, please connect with your principal manager so they can share more information with you as the selection timeline nears for 2019-2020 programming.