Teaching Trust Provides Innovative Training & Development for Dallas ISD's ACE Initiative

Teaching Trust is pleased to be partnering with Dallas ISD this year in support of the district’s Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) initiative, originally launched in 2015 as part of a broader effort to improve chronically underperforming schools. Through ACE, Dallas ISD recruits top principals and teachers to relocate and work at these high-need schools. Based on the initial success of the program, DISD is expanding the ACE initiative to six new campuses for the 2017-18 school year.


Several Teaching Trust-trained leaders were tapped to serve in leadership roles in this year’s ACE initiative. Along with the five principals who led ACE schools at the start of the initiative and are Alumni of Teaching Trust Leadership Programs, three Teaching Trust leaders will begin serving as principals of the district's new ACE schools for the upcoming school year. In addition to these highly effective principals, many Teaching Trust-trained leaders work in other leadership roles on ACE campuses, including assistant principals, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders.

Beginning this year, Teaching Trust is taking on a larger role in supporting the ACE initiative by providing leadership development programming specifically and exclusively designed for the 13 ACE principals and their leadership teams. The content is rooted in Teaching Trust’s core content focused on building highly effective teams driving toward improved academic outcomes. Through a series of professional development sessions, Teaching Trust staff will focus on key practices needed to build team effectiveness, such as leading with trust, engaging in healthy conflict, and accountability.

Through this team-based approach to school-wide improvement, Dallas ISD hopes to ensure that all students enrolled in ACE schools experience positive learning environments led by teams of educators focused on helping them achieve their best possible academic and life outcomes.

“Dallas ISD continues to be committed to improving outcomes for all students, and we are encouraged by the early results of our ACE campuses, as six of the seven schools met state academic accountability requirements and earned thirteen academic distinctions,” says Jolee Healy, Assistant Superintendent leading ACE Schools. “Teaching Trust is an important partner in this work to support campuses that are changing the odds for students.”

Teaching Trust is proud to partner with a district committed to improving academic opportunities for all students. We salute Dallas ISD for leading the state in reducing the number of students who are educated in “Improvement Required” Schools, having cut that number in half over the past two years through innovative initiatives such as the ACE program.


2017-2018 ACE Campuses Led By a Teaching Trust-Trained Principal:

  • Annie Webb Blanton Elementary School – Principal Laura Garza
  • Billy Earl Dade Middle School – Principal Tracie Washington
  • J.N. Ervin Elementary School* – Principal James Wallace
  • Onesimo Hernandez Elementary School* – Principal Oscar Aponte
  • Sarah Zumwalt Middle School – Principal Troy Tyson
  • Thomas A. Edison Middle Learning Center – Principal Earl Gilmore
  • Thomas J. Rusk Middle School* – Principal Juan Cordoba
  • Umphrey Lee Elementary School – Principal Roshonda Clayton-Brown

*Indicates a new ACE school for the 2017-2018 school year.


For more information about Dallas ISD’s ACE program, click here.