Exciting Updates to Teaching Trust Programming

At Teaching Trust, we believe that great leaders transform schools. We also know that a single leader cannot transform a school alone. It takes a team to achieve significant, sustained improvement for students.

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Throughout the past year, our organization has engaged in a strategic planning effort to ensure that we are maximizing our impact on school leaders, leadership teams, and students across North Texas.

As a result of these efforts, we are excited to announce that we are evolving our programmatic approach for the 2018-19 school year – moving from standalone programs across a broad array of schools to more integrated programming across a more focused set of schools.

The following programmatic updates will be made in the 2018-19 school year:

  • Teaching Trust is engaged in discussions with district partners to continue the Leadership Teams Program in school year 2018-19.

  • In partnership with Southern Methodist University, Teaching Trust is actively recruiting a new cohort of future school leaders for the Aspiring Leaders Program. Please visit the Aspiring Leaders section of our website to learn more.

  • The Ed Fellows Program will be put on hold for the 2018-19 school year while we determine the best approach to integrating Teacher Leader training, development, and support into a more teams-based approach for school transformation. We know that teacher development is vital to a school’s success and we are excited to continue working with teachers as part of the Leadership Teams program.

We are exploring opportunities that will allow us to support teachers in the most aligned and impactful ways possible. As such, we will not be recruiting a new class of Ed Fellows for the upcoming school year. Educators interested in teacher leader training are encouraged to work with their campus leaders to determine if the Leadership Teams program is right for their campus. Teachers should also visit the Alumni Network Events section on our website for additional professional development opportunities.

We look forward to keeping you informed as we continue to enhance Teaching Trust’s next generation of programming!