CEO Summer Reflections: Looking Back & Looking Forward

It’s been a busy summer here at Teaching Trust and for many educators all across North Texas. We were thrilled to welcome 365 program participants to our Aspiring Leaders, Leadership Teams, and Ed Fellows Programs with Summer Intensive programming throughout the summer. We also launched our inaugural Leadership Teams Program in Fort Worth ISD in partnership with the Texas Education Agency and the Region 11 Education Service Center, as well as kicked off programming with Dallas ISD’s ACE Campuses. Across all of this summer programming, Teaching Trust staff and participating educators invested more than 450 hours in learning and professional development sessions to improve their own capabilities and drive better outcomes for students across our community.

In particular, I want to reflect on our Leadership Teams programming as we start the new year. Started as a pilot four years ago, this teams-based training program has become one of our largest and most impactful efforts. A truly successful school that meets the needs of all its students cannot be achieved by a singular leader. Teachers need good principals, and good principals need good teams. We believe that effective leaders achieve the strongest outcomes for students by building a deep bench of leadership on their campuses and effectively distributing roles and responsibilities amongst those leaders.

The other thing on our minds here at Teaching Trust is the importance of approaching our work with a growth mindset. Carol Dweck, a leading researcher in the field of motivation and mindsets, has written and researched extensively on the importance of establishing a growth mindset in our children. At Teaching Trust, we have made it an organization-wide priority to develop a growth mindset across our own team. In our work with educators across Dallas-Fort Worth, we seek continual improvement, reflect on our past successes and failings, and believe all educators – when given the training, coaching, and support they need – will continue to learn and improve their craft for the benefit of their students.

We are grateful to be working with so many educators, school and district partners, funders, and the broader community on this work. Many of you have asked how you can support Teaching Trust. I’m excited to announce that thanks to several generous funders, we just launched the $5k New Donor Match Campaign. Details can be found on our website or on the $5k Match Campaign Flyer

In closing, here’s to the 750 program participants and alumni of Teaching Trust working in 140+ schools reaching 70,000 children each and every day. May the 2017 – 18 school year be our most impactful year yet!


Patrick Haugh
Chief Executive Officer, Teaching Trust