Back to School: Reflections and Gratitude from Teaching Trust CEO, Patrick Haugh

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This was the enthusiastic chant my daughter passionately greeted me with tonight, at the conclusion of her first day of “big-kid” school at SOLAR Preparatory School for Girls, a public elementary school in North Dallas.

Morning dropoff checked some of the familiar boxes: anxious butterflies about new surroundings and unfamiliar faces, excited school staff double-checking rosters and classrooms to make sure students and parents were accurately directed, and tearful hugs from emotional parents as their children embarked on this new school year.  

What wasn’t expected -- and is something for which I am so grateful -- was the feeling of confidence I had dropping Birdie off at a school led by a true TEAM of leaders, many of whom are Teaching Trust alumni. It is clear that the team at SOLAR is on to something. The data backs this up, as does the vital, dynamic school culture that emphasizes high expectations and performance-based learning.

As the parent to two young children, I am privileged and fortunate to live in a city that is investing in leadership and empowering great teams to develop and operate schools that are creating life-changing educational opportunities for kids. I also know many students are waking up every day and going to schools in the DFW region that are not yet prepared to serve them well. At Teaching Trust, we are part of a community of educators and advocates working to change the reality. 

Teaching Trust leaders are a testament to the power of what schools can become when strong teams of leaders are maintained as a core priority in elementary and secondary education. We extend our gratitude to our leaders for the incredible effort they put into the schools in which they work on a daily basis. Their work, individually and collectively, has had a profound and growing impact on more than 80,000 students in over 150 schools in the DFW region.

Something very exciting is brewing in schools across North TX.  And on this first day of the school year, I couldn’t be more excited about the impact that leaders and teams across the region are having on students – thus bolstering my conviction about what matters most to significant, sustained improvement: great leaders leading great teams, and great teams leading to great schools.

This is why TT exists. This is why we do this work.


With gratitude,


Patrick Haugh


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