The Teaching Trust Leadership Teams Program prepares principals and their teams to realize their vision of an aspirational school culture and create a robust plan for campus improvement. 


Through the Leadership Teams Program, you and your team will learn how to effectively set, monitor, and achieve goals in four priority areas:

  1. Instruction
  2. Culture
  3. Data Practices
  4. Team Effectiveness


Leadership Teams sessions are a strategic combination of activities designed to build your team's effectiveness. Sessions include high-leverage content that builds your team's capacity to give and receive feedback, as well as role-playing opportunities and the ability to practice rolling out initiatives on your campus. In an effort to accelerate your team's development and assist you in reaching your team's goals, your team will be asked to periodically present progress against goals set at the beginning of the year and share openly about your successes and failures.


As a team, you will receive a Teaching Trust coach who will work with you during sessions and come to your campus for a monthly coaching check-in. These visits focus on the four priority areas of the program: Instruction, Culture, Data Practices, and Team Effectiveness. Coaching check-ins consist of planning & delivering professional development, observing data meetings, co-observing classrooms & debriefing action steps, and focusing on lesson alignment. 

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