Through high-impact professional development, dedicated coaching, and a relationship-based approach, Teaching Trust plays a critical role in developing great leaders, great teams, and great schools.



Improving Student Achievement

In a ranking of all 8,700 public schools across Texas in “Meets Grade Level” performance on standardized STAAR assessments, nearly 43% of schools led by Teaching Trust leaders appear in the top decile for student growth over time.


Reaching More Educators & Students

80,000 students across North Texas are learning and growing in schools and classrooms led by 900+ Teaching Trust-trained educators.


Building a Growing Network of Aligned Partners

Teaching Trust’s growing network of partners has made this work possible over the past eight years.

Teaching Trust trained leaders are changing the odds for children across Dallas-Fort Worth. 

My greatest joy has come with the epiphany that, as educators, we can truly give our scholars from the most challenging situations and depleted communities the schools they deserve. There is real palpable hope for the students who need us most.
— Michael Gayles, Principal, IGNITE Middle School, Dallas ISD
Michael Gayles.png
Dallas is at a tipping point in its educational landscape with innovative changes in teacher evaluation systems and an increasingly diverse student population. As a student in the Aspiring Leaders Program, I am confident that my development as a values-driven leader can help close the achievement gap so that we are one step closer to educational equity for our deserving students.
— Alex McCoy, Dallas ISD Academic Facilitator