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Emily Arnold
Math and Reading Interventionist,
Cigarroa Elementary School, Dallas ISD

As the campus interventionist, I am responsible for identifying and providing extra pullout support in reading and math for the students who are struggling the most academically. This year, I have grown in the use of my collaboration and communication skills with the teachers across the campus. This is essential, since I must create specific lessons that combine the skills that are being taught in the classroom as well as instruction that address the specific academic gaps the students may have.

I have also grown professionally by increasing my scope of knowledge and instruction to upper grades as I had to step in and teach 5th grade math last year for a semester.

The instructional success I am most proud of is helping our campus with guided reading. Along with our reading instructional coach, I was able to deliver professional development regarding the components of an exemplar guided reading lesson and how to plan and execute a guided reading lesson. The PD focused on the model taken from Bambrick’s Great Habits of Great Readers, which includes before, during and after reading. I also created a GR lesson plan template that is being used across the campus and have helped teachers by modeling lessons and helping them write lesson plans. This year, we’ve made guided reading a priority on campus, and the practice of guided reading has become much more widespread.

The two things I would change in my role to improve my scope of influence would be to observe classrooms and teachers in order to give instructional feedback to both teachers and the administrative team. 


Emily Arnold is in her first year as the Math and Reading Interventionist at Cigarroa Elementary in Dallas ISD. She is a Cohort 2 graduate of Teaching Trust’s Aspiring Leaders Program.