This one-year program supports teachers seeking to deepen their instructional competence, bolster their influence skills, and prepare them to take on roles leading teacher teams at the department or grade level. We offer two cohorts to achieve this goal - Instructional Leadership and Adult Leadership. 

The Instructional Leadership cohort supports Ed Fellows in reaching their greatest impact through best instructional practices and classroom leadership. The Adult Leadership cohort supports Ed Fellows in reaching their greatest impact by influencing and leading other adults. 

Through intensive workshops, training and campus-based action projects, Fellows deepen their knowledge of key practices that enable them to become real leaders of positive change on their campuses. After each session, the Fellows apply their learning on their campus and share evidence to get feedback on their development. This supports their growth as invaluable leaders and improves the quality of the profession.


  • Launching pad to help educators expand the impact they have on students at their campuses
  • Prepares educators with 2+ years of experience for formal school leadership roles including instructional coach, department chair, team lead, master teacher, dean and assistant principal
  • A competency framework that defines the values and skills required for successful transformational leaders of urban schools
  • Develops skills needed to influence and lead others
  • Offers collaboration opportunities with other like-minded educators to problem-solve through challenges
  • Provides targeted development where each educator wants and needs it the most: implementing proven instructional practices at the classroom level to drive student gains or developing leadership capacity to influence student achievement across a grade or school
  • Gives access to a network of highly informed and influential individuals from North Texas and across the nation who are focused on leading transformational change in education


  • Attendance at the following:
    • Week-long Summer Intensive
    • Monthly sessions throughout the school year
    • Regular meetings with Teaching Trust staff members
  • Execute a year-long action project that provides an opportunity to implement skills learned in sessions
  • Complete and submit monthly pre-work aligned to either the action project or monthly session content
  • Work with collaborative group during and outside of sessions to extend learning and provide on-going peer support
  • Program is free to participants upon selection and approval from partner district




Frequently Asked Questions