Dario Ganic
Dean of Instruction,
Peak Preparatory, Uplift Education

I’m in my fourth year in a dean position- initially as Dean of Students and currently Dean of Instruction. In a technical sense, through my experiences over time, I have developed systems that I can rely on to be more efficient in tasks and projects. For example: I am responsible for coordinating the STAAR EOC testing on our campus. The first year it took quite of bit of time to organize and maneuver through all the moving pieces of large-scale testing administration. However, I can now rely on the systems I’ve put in place to make the logistics flow much easier than in the past.

Personally, I have become more patient, especially in my expectations of growing teachers. In my first year I would expect immediate improvement after giving teachers action steps, and often became frustrated because the adaptation and change took longer than I anticipated. But now I realize, in growing teachers’ competency through my coaching, that things take time before coming to fruition. I rely heavily on my ALP experience and Bambrick’s Get Better Faster Guide to help me craft action steps to develop my teachers.

As a network, all of our high schools are applying for the IB Diploma Program. I was responsible for successfully completing the complex application for candidacy, and currently our school is officially in the candidacy phase.  I will be in charge of working with an IB consultant, my leadership team, and other stakeholders to successfully complete the authorization process. Bringing the IB Diploma Program to our school will be a game changer in moving the needle for our scholars to propel them to college persistence. I am very excited to be a part of the direction we are taking as a campus and network.


Dario is currently in his 8th year at Uplift Education’s Peak Preparatory. He spent 4 years as a teacher before moving into the role of Dean of Students. He currently serves as the high school Dean of Instruction. He is a Cohort 4 graduate of Teaching Trust’s Aspiring Leaders Program.