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We believe to achieve our desired impact requires deeper, ongoing support for our 600 current participants and alumni across programs who impact more than 60,000 students. The Teaching Trust Alumni Network provides opportunities for leaders to connect, collaborate, and innovate while they participate in activities designed for leaders to learn effective practices from one another, as well as from select national leaders in education. 



To support alumni and current participants of Teaching Trust programs, the Teaching Trust Alumni Network focuses on three key areas to help drive towards our desired impact:

  1. Ongoing Learning on the Path to Impact: Select cohort members and best-in-field professionals will offer actionable strategies to drive results for students. This content would be select content on how to build 'great schools' which is not as heavily focused on in our existing programs. 

  2. Sharing Proof Points and Practices: The Network serves as a vehicle for highlighting effective discrete practices from alumni and best-in-field experts. It will be a chance to connect, collaborate, and innovate on actionable strategies to build and sustain excellence in schools. 

  3. Advancing Careers and Concentrating Talent: The Network offers leaders the tools they need to diagnose and strategically address their talent needs. It will also offer connections to a robust pool of talent for leaders.