Teaching Trust develops effective leaders at every level, within and across schools. 

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Our three reinforcing programs develop school leaders, school teams, and educator leaders at all levels to build leadership capacity in schools. To date, over 600 educators across Dallas-Fort Worth have participated in a Teaching Trust program. 

What We Believe


Transformation Takes Trust.

People who care about students have more in common than is often acknowledged - whether they are in traditional districts or charter schools, are veteran educators or new to the profession. Transformation requires all of us working together for the benefit of schools.

It Takes a Team.

A strong school leader is the most critical lever to improve schools. However, a singular leader cannot do it alone. It takes a robust team, trained to work accountably together, to achieve significant outcomes.

Academics and Culture Drive Progress.

To deliver long-term results for all students, school leadership teams must set a high bar for significant improvement and build a sustainable culture. Focusing on one or the other is simply not enough.

Values and Skills Matter.

School leaders need training in hard skills for instruction, planning, and managing performance in addition to soft skills for relationship building and teamwork.

Practice OVER Theory.

For training to "stick," leaders need opportunities to practice and receive feedback as often as possible in their schools. Making practice public is the first step in building competence and allows leaders to model vulnerability and persistence in order to improve their practice.


Our work is grounded in the conviction that school leadership is the single largest lever to improve public education.

Forbes challenged experts to single out five big ideas that could make U.S. students top in the world. Of the five ideas—teacher efficacy, school leadership, universal pre-K, blended learning, and college-ready standards—school leadership produced the highest return on investment at over 5,000x.
— Forbes, "America's Education Moon Shot," December 15, 2014

Core Values